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How to make Perfect Stretchy Halwai Style Bombay Karachi Halwa at home-Watermelon Halwa

This is an ultimate tutorial for making Bombay Karachi Halwa with its signature soft, chewy, and stretchy texture! This is a sweet made of simple ingredients but there is surely a technique to get the perfect texture! So, if you want to make Halwai style Karachi Halwa in your kitchen, you are in the right place! Here I made karachi halwa with fresh watermelon juice, with no artificial flavors or colors added! If you want to make plain Bombay Karachi Halwa the technique is the same! Lets make The Best Bombay Karachi Halwa together!


Yield: 10 pieces

Sugar...1 cup or 200g

Lime juice...1/2 tbsp or ~7.5 ml

Corn Starch...4 tbsp. or 30g

Water...1/2 cup or ~120 ml

Cashew nuts and Pistachios (chopped)...1/4 cup

Ghee.... 3 tbsp

Green cardamom powder...1/4 tsp.

Watermelon juice...2 cups or 480ml (from 600g watermelon, or make up to 2 cups with water)

  • Blend watermelon pieces and strain the juice. We need 2 cups of watermelon juice. If it is not 2 cups, make it up to 2 cups with water

  • Add 1/2 cup water to the corn starch to make a lump free slurry

  • Add 1 cup watermelon juice to a non-stick pot set on medium heat

  • Add sugar and a pinch of salt

  • Add lime juice and green cardamom powder (optional)

  • Stir till all the sugar dissolves

  • Reduce the heat of the pot to as low as possible

  • Add in the corn starch slurry through a strainer into the pot

  • Start stirring on low heat

  • It should take approximately an hour to make karachi halwa perfectly (refer to the video below to see all the stages of cooking)

  • Add chopped nuts

  • Once its done, pour the halwa into a flat bowl greased with ghee

  • Let the halwa solidify at room temperature for 2-3 hrs

Hope you found the tutorial helpful!

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