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Hot and Sour Soup Recipe/Indo Chinese style Hot and Sour soup/How to make Indian Hot n Sour Veg Soup

Today I have a recipe of a popular Indo-Chinese style soup. “Hot & Sour Veg soup”! This is a hearty and satisfying soup made with lots of veggies and has a spicy, savory, and tangy flavor! Once you have the veggies ready, your soup will be ready in 10 min!


Yield: 4-5 Servings

1 cup of cabbage (finely chopped)

1 cup of green beans (finely chopped)

1/2 cup carrots (finely chopped)

1 cup mushrooms (cut into small pieces)

1 tablespoon garlic (finely chopped)

1 tablespoon ginger (finely chopped)

1 tablespoon coriander leaves (finely chopped)

3-4 green chilies (finely chopped, you can use as many as you like)

1/2 tablespoon chives or spring onion greens (finely chopped)

1/2 teaspoon of powdered black pepper

5 teaspoons of corn starch

2 tablespoons white vinegar

2 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce or 1/2 tbsp. of high sodium soy sauce

1 tablespoon red chili sauce

1L water

salt (to taste)

  • Set a pot on medium high heat and add in the finely chopped ginger and garlic

  • Stir fry for 15 to 20 seconds, you don't need to brown them

  • Now add in the mushrooms. The main taste of the broth comes in from the mushroom pieces.

  • Stir fry the mushroom pieces till they get dark brown in color. This should take ~2-3 minutes

  • If you don't like mushrooms, you can add in some veggie or chicken stock powder to the soup

  • Now add in the carrots and the french green beans

  • Stir fry these for ~ a minute

  • Now add in cabbage and stir fry the cabbage for not more than 15 seconds

  • Now add in ~4 cups of water ( ~ 1L)

  • Add in the chopped green chillies.

  • Let the broth come up to a boil

  • Add ~4 tablespoons of water to the cornstarch. Mix thoroughly so it forms a lump free slurry.

  • Once the soup starts to boil, it's time to add the sauces

  • I am using 2 tablespoons of low sodium soy sauce. If you're using the high sodium one, 1/2 tablespoon should be enough

  • Next, add in 2 tablespoons of white vinegar

  • I'm adding in a tablespoon of the red chili sauce, you can add as much as you like!

  • Add in 1/2 teaspoon of powdered black pepper.

  • Add salt to taste

  • Now all the flavors are there, all we need to do is thicken the soup

  • Add in the corn starch slurry a little bit at a time. As the soup keeps boiling, the broth will get thicker. The consistency that we are going for, is just slightly thick

  • Turn off the heat and garnish with coriander leaves and the chives or spring onion greens

  • All done!

Hope you enjoyed this recipe!

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